Oh, baby!

By Mir
April 26, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Some friends of ours had a baby yesterday, and—as I am wont to do—as soon as I heard the news I ran on over to Amazon to look for a gift. Just a little something, you understand, to staunch my overwhelming feelings of squishy little baby joy until we can visit and bring a proper gift.

I ended up with a few little somethings, of course, because the prices were good and I couldn’t resist. Need a baby gift? Take a look at these.

Shoes for babies are stupid. Babies do not need shoes. But babies totally need adorable socks.

Chichi! Okay, that’s for a girl. How about these jungle chichis for boys, instead?

Or, his and hers little feeding sets! Don’t they just make your teeth hurt, with their cuteness?? (Amazon doesn’t have a description, but after some hunting around I discovered that large plastic thing is a 3-compartment divided dish with lid. The small plastic thing is a spoon cover. And while I was getting that information, all of my teeth fell out. Honest.)

Oh, just go look at all the baby stuff by iPlay, because most of it’s on sale and it’s all so cute your ovaries will beg for mercy.


  1. Aack! No! No baby ANYTHING! My husband will shoot me in the ovary. I’m already wanting a second baby, but we really do need to wait at least 6 months or so before getting pg. It’s not that we’re waiting to be “financially ready” b/c WHO CAN POSSIBLY be “financially ready” for a kid?!?!?

    Anyway, I shall resist all temptation to look at squishy baby things, but will quietly squee in joy for you.

  2. I can justify the baby stuff if it isn’t for me. I know a lady who just had a little boy and three more preggos! Those blankets were PERFECT filler to get super saver shipping on an item that I needed to get anyway. Thanks so much, pretty Mir!

  3. I put these on my “gifts for others” list on Amazon, which is my go-to place for new babies and other needed gifts. Thanks, Mir! And I’ve been stocking the gift closet at your suggestion.

    Also, there are these extraordinarily cute socks:



    (also in brights, for those who don’t want pastels)

  4. Not to stray from Amazon, which I do spend way to much money on, but I have started buying most of my gifts from Etsy. You can find pretty good deals there too.

    Here’s the baby/kid stuff


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