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By Mir
April 26, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

They’re having a big sale at Graveyard Mall right now, and it runs—and I quote—“4/25 – ??/??.” They’re descriptive and precise, over there.

Use coupon code aprilsale to take 40% off your $75+ order.

If you’ve never shopped Graveyard Mall before, brace yourself for a bare-bones shopping experience. On the bright side, they often have things you want for rock-bottom prices. On the less-than-bright side, they have zero customer service and take a long time to ship. Which can be fine, but know what you’re getting into.

For example… I’ve never had King Leo peppermints before, but I’ve heard people rave about them. And they have two different kinds in the clearance section. I don’t imagine peppermint ever goes stale, so that’d probably still be fine. The price is certainly right….

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  1. King Leo soft peppermints ROCK!

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