Even though it sounds vaguely like dessert

By Mir
April 30, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I don’t understand what this is, really, unless it’s like that old Saturday Night Live skit where Shimmer is a floor wax and a dessert topping; this may be both a blush and a low-calorie mousse, I’m really not sure. Nonetheless, it’s absolutely free, so why the heck not: Go get your free Ramy Whipped Liqui-Air Blush and then let me know if it’s as disgusting as it sounds.

How’s that for a ringing endorsement, huh?


  1. Why not? Kinda worried that they didn’t ask me what color I’d like to try… watch me get jack-o-lantern orange or something.

  2. Oooh, I didn’t think of that before I filled in my info (though I always put in a fake phone number). I bet I’ll get orange too.

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