Pretty. Smelly.

By Mir
April 30, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

(That’s totally different than “pretty smelly,” by the way.)

Lovely Rebecca points out that today is the very last day for this deal: Buy at least five Signature Items from Bath & Body Works (they’re already on sale) and you can use coupon code LUXURY10 for an additional $10 off, plus you get free shipping (EDIT: you need to order $30 worth, so 7 items for the free shipping) because they calculate that before discounts. The result is five yummy, smelly things which are normally $10.50 each for just $25 (+ tax), shipped.

She also points out that many scents are sold out, but you can exchange in-store if you’re motivated. (Me, I don’t care. They have White Tea and Ginger body wash, which is my current favorite scent. Yum!)


  1. Shipping wasn’t free when I did it, but after the $10 off, the total was $22.75 including shipping for the 5 items, so that worked out well. Some nice mother’s day gifts, plus pink grapefruit – my favorite – for me.

  2. Yes, mine ended up being a little under $25 with the $10 off and then the shipping and taxes. Great deal! Thanks!

  3. Actually, you can only use the LUXURY10 code for orders above $30, so that’s why you need to order 7 items. At that point, the free shipping should kick in as well, so you get 7 for $25 instead of 5!

  4. Thanks for the great tip! I ordered enough for all my kids teachers for end of the year gifts!

  5. Yes, if you order seven, you get free shipping as well, I think because the price before all the discounts is over $65. Just ordered Christmas presents for my four young sisters-in-law, plus extras – seven items for the grand total of $26.25!

  6. Thank you all so much! I got Mother’s Day gifts for both moms and a little something extra for me! 😀

  7. I bought an already half price squishy bathrobe for my mom for Mother’s Day and then took another $10 off – yipppeeee. You are sooooooooo pretty Mir!

    Lisa in Quito

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