Finally, I hit the bullseye

By Mir
May 1, 2007

Free Shipping on $50 in Women's 100x100So, remember how I was lamenting the fact that Target kept turning me down for their affiliate program? It turns out that they were doing some restructuring, and now they’re all, um, restructured, and they realized that I have a deep and abiding love for all things Tarjay deep in my heart, and now I’m a bright and shiny new affiliate.

This fills me with more joy than is perhaps normal.

Anyway, Target is one of the few stores I enjoy shopping in person (I know, what a concept!) because I just never know when I’m going to find something I didn’t know I needed but is now 90% off. But I shop them online, too, and right now you can get free shipping on $50 worth of Women’s clothing, shoes or accessories. Just in case you’re interested.


  1. Congrats! They had no idea who they were snubbing!!

  2. I’ve told you before that I live right across the road from TARJAY, did I not???? What is the affiliate program, how do you get involved, what do you do, what are the bennies? I would LOVE to be a secret shopper for them….ESPECIALLY since I have to “tolerate” that big red bullseye in my kitchen window at night…taunting me, calling me to come shop, shop, shop!!!!!!!

  3. Congratulations! Probably the people at Target were all like, you should seriously check out how much money this chic is making for amazon; we should totally cash in on this action, and then the people at amazon were all like, we are so not your bff anymore, after all that we have done for you, what have they got that we don’t have. To which you would reply, “A store. Duh.”

  4. Well, it is about time. (I of course mean them )

  5. Congrats to you — those French folks at Tarjay finally figured out what was good for them!

  6. Welcome to Want Not, my dear friend Target!

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