Any excuse for a sale is a good excuse for a sale

By Mir
May 2, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Hey, it’s been a while since Amazon had a sale, hasn’t it?

HAHAHAHA! I slay me.

Ahem. Yes. Well, you might not be able to tell it apart from any of the other gazillion sales they’ve had, but Amazon is having a Kitchen and Home Mother’s Day Sale that’s got about twice as much stuff as the Friday Sale in it.

Word to the wise: Your mom told me she wants a Scooba. Honest. She also said she doesn’t even mind if it’s one that’s refurbished.

You’re welcome.


  1. yeah, sure. you told me my mom wanted a roomba for christmas last year, but there it sits, unused, in it’s little docking station, sad and alone. at least it made it out of the box. now that we are pulling up all of our carpet, i think i’ll take it back from her. and one of those scooba doobas looks better than mopping. they could be buddies.

  2. Can you tell my what mom would like a child’s baseball chair and ottoman (blow-up, no less) or a dog agility training course?

    Not me. I’m all about appliances and stuff, but I don’t want MD gifts for my kids or pets!

  3. SO AWESOME!! My grandma offered to buy each of her grandchildren a KitchenAid stand mixer as a wedding present, if they so desired. I’ve held out on buying one for myself for 4 years, in anticipation of (finally) finding a husband and taking Grandma up on her offer. Well, last week she called me up and asked me about getting the mixer, and I offered to go shopping for it myself so she wouldn’t have to pay for shipping. In my heart of hearts, I just KNEW I could find a deal. Along comes beautiful Mir, pointing me right to Amazon Kitchen, where I find my mixer for $180 – that’s a $220 savings off the suggested retail and $120 off of Macy’s “sale”…but that’s not all. I can still take advantage of the rebate offer (how sweet is this?): a free attachment! Slicer/shredder, come to mama!!

    Okay, so when the mixer arrives in a few days, will I have to put it away until the wedding (August 4th) or can I use it before then? 😉

  4. Frances I used mine to make my wedding cake the night before the wedding so USE IT!! LOL!!

    Mine’s purple…

  5. I REALLY wanna Scooba! My floors are impossible to keep clean and I loathe mopping. I’m gonna treat myself to one of those someday.

  6. Have I told you how much I LOVE you lately??? I found the PERFECT gifts for my mom (one for Mother’s Day and one for her birthday) at awesome prices!

    Oh, she loves the Roomba that I got for her for Christmas!

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