Free wine charms, because you’re charming

By Mir
May 7, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Thanks to Elsa for sending this one along: Go take the Danzante Wines quiz to find out how good you are at faking everything Italian, and at the end they’ll take your address and send you some free wine charms.

Warning: Site has sound.

Also: The animated Italian is a little creepy. Just sayin’.


  1. LOL Thanks for the sound warning. My students are testing right now… THAT would have been awkward!

  2. Sweet! I guess my two semesters of Italian in college paid off, because they dubbed me “A true Italian. A Valentino in love. A Michelangelo in art… a Super Tuscan among Picolo Americanos.” 😉

  3. Thanks Mir! My best friend who is a real wine afficiando will be getting some wine charms too!

  4. It decided I, too, was a true Italian! Must be all the Sopranos I watch.

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