I wish I had some right now

By Mir
May 9, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Know what’s cool when you’re getting married in a few days? A pedicure. Fun!

Know what’s not cool when you’re getting married in a few days? A cold. Snotty!

You’re welcome.

Perhaps if I’d shopped the excellent sale on Airborne products at Amazon I wouldn’t be in this predicament, but as it is, I suggest you pass the Kleenex and stand back.


  1. Oh, Mir! In the spirit of Elaine on Seinfeld:
    Get well
    Get well soon
    We want you to get well!!

  2. congrats on getting married in a few days! hope that cold clears up… but at least you’ll have pretty toes.

  3. Oh, no!!!! I hope it clears up QUICKLY!!!

  4. Stop posting great deals for us and lie down and get better! We can manage without you…(although not very well!)

  5. You’re getting married in a few days? I’m always the last to know!

    But best wishes —

  6. May your cold be GONE! And if not, may its symptoms be as light as possible, barely noticeable even.

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