My favorite part is the recommended age range

By Mir
May 14, 2007

If you have a gorgeous, pristine household where your furniture doubles as artwork, it’s possible that even the arrival of a baby will not cause you to think that plastic is fantastic. And who says that children must herald the arrival of large plastic objects into a household, anyway? (Me? I said that? Um… ignore all the large plastic items behind me. I have no idea where those came from.)

No, you’re a more refined sort. That’s why you’ll want something like this highchair for your darling, because it’s not just functional, it’s really cool looking.

Good thing it’s on sale with free Super Saver Shipping today, too. That leaves you more money for the Emergency Room copay after you get yourself wedged in there and can’t get out.


  1. I’ve been looking for a cheap highchair and have been drooling over highchairs such as these, but of course I was not going to blow $500 (we have twins.) But now I have them thanks to you! Happy wedding!

  2. No, you really can use it for adults! You can take the front part off and adjust the seat and footrest. See a similar one here:

    Could be a great way to save money if you like the “adult” version and would use it.

  3. Ages 4 months to adult? O-kay.

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