Need a rug?

By Mir
May 15, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

There’s a slew of area rugs on sale at Amazon today, many of them up to 80% off. Not all of them have free shipping (and shipping can be killer on something as heavy as a nice rug), but many of them do. Just pay attention while you’re browsing.

This is the sort of sale where I sit on my hands and whine because I don’t know where we’re moving yet and maybe I need a rug or two but I can’t buy anything yet and it’s making me crazy. But please, don’t let that impede your enjoyment. No. You just go shop, and don’t worry about me. Over here. Homeless and rugless.

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  1. Cool! We are remodeling our living room this summer, and I just ordered a cool bamboo rug for 85% off! Sweet deal!!!

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