A quick deal while on my way to kill myself

By Mir
May 17, 2007

I had my day all planned out. I was going to get so much done! It was going to be awesome.

And then came The Call. Hi, my name is Mir, and… my children have lice.

Day, blown to smithereens. Inner peace, shattered. Sadness, amplified.

Don’t cry for me, though. If your head doesn’t itch (but it does, now, because as soon as you read that, it started to itch, I know), try this one out:

Did you know that if you buy a gift card at Banana Republic you can also use it at Gap or Old Navy? It’s true. (You want to select the “Options” gift card to use it at any of the three stores.) Which is why it’s even more super-awesome that you can use coupon code BANANASUN to take 20% off your purchase right now. Usually gift cards are excluded, but this time? They’re not. So if you like either Banana Republic or those other two stores, go grab a card for happy shopping later on.

Maybe you can buy a nice hat for your itchy head.


  1. Oh that is the Best Thing EVER!

    And yes, I AM itchy, now that you mention it.

  2. Funny how your head really does start to itch… for what it’s worth, I really think hardly any kid escapes it. Even my MIL who is the cleanest, neatest person in the WORLD couldn’t prevent her son from bringing it home a couple times from school. We got it twice as kids too (four kids, four times as likely to get it! LOL) So far our 5th grader hasn’t “shared” but… I’m not holding my breath!

  3. AAAAAuuuuGGGgghhh!!!!

  4. This is like free money! I jumped on this one. Thanks so much!

  5. Real mayo. Works like a charm and doesn’t burn their sensitive skin! It has to be left on for a couple of hours and it starts to stink, so a shower cap is necessary, but it worked on me when I was prego and couldn’t use chemicals, and worked on my daughter who has severly sensitive skin.

  6. When my kids (and I – eek!) got it a few years ago (shared paint shirt at Sunday School, of all things!) this was the best site. It has a PLAN.

    We also used some homeopathic treatment from the drug store – it killed or slowed the buggers down so we could pick them off easier. We watched A LOT of movies.

    I really feel your pain, what with your kids’ thick, dark, hair. I still haven’t thrown out the lice comb or deleted any links I saved in bookmarks because I’m superstitious that they’re the only thing keeping us from lice again.

  7. Oh, so sorry. I’ll bet they are glad that you are such a nit-picker, now. 🙂

  8. Oh, the memories — I was the unofficial head-checker when I worked in day care. I could find a nit in the proverbial haystack. I have yet to get them myself, fortunately. Good luck! We know how you LOVE to clean (not!).

  9. It not about being clean, it’s about hanging out with the unclean. Ok, just kidding…sorta. Seriously, I think we’ve all been there. I think *I* got them, but have evidently blocked the memory because I’m truly not sure. I hate leaning my head back at the movie theatre for this very reason. I consider bringing in lice spray…

    had to stop to itch my head just then…

  10. poor pretty Mir! Lice sucks – had it once or twice as a kid and let me tell you, long hair and lice do not go well together! Hope the buggies go away quick!

  11. Hmmm. I’m getting a weird error. Maybe later.

  12. My sympathies. We had a long inaugural tour through the world of the louse last fall. I’ll never forget all that laundry, all those hours spent combing…(which is the key thing– keep combing every day even after you think they’re long gone).

  13. Oh no! I am so sorry! I remember our lice adventures as a kid in Kindergartin. I generously brought them home to my entire family. Twice. My poor mother! I am so sorry for you. (And yes, my head is itching now.)

    I think that the promo applying to the gift cards was an error…. and they corrected it. It told me it doesn’t apply. WAH! Guess this was a case of the early bird getting the worm! Hooray to those that did!

  14. Whatever you do, don’t use those expensive, toxic shampoos – they don’t work. Most species of head lice have developed immunities to them.

    However, insects breathe through their skin, so apply quite a lot of olive oil to the hair and scalp, wrap a shower cap or plastic bag around it, and leave in overnight. The lice will die, and the nits will be *much* easier to remove.

    Also, it’s a fallacy that you have to boil the sheets and pillows. Head lice don’t fall off the hair, they stick to it as hard as they can. They can only live a day or two off of a head, so if you just bag up the sheets and clothing in an airtight bag for a couple of days you’ll kill them all. However, their feces do rub off onto pillows, so a wash is called for.

    And may I say that this happening to you is just, er, lousy.

    Chak, ducking and running

  15. I thought I already posted this – if it appears twice, mea culpa and please forgive.

    Please don’t use one of those expensive, toxic shampoos – most varieties of head lice have developed resistance to them, so you’ll only be poisoning your child’s head, not the lice.

    Lice, like other insects, breathe through their skin, so it’s very effective to use olive oil. Put plenty of olive oil on the hair and scalp, wrap in a shower cap or plastic grocery bag, leave in overnight. It will kill the lice, and make the nits much easier to remove. And it leaves the hair soft and pretty, too. 🙂

    And it’s a myth that you have to boil everything. Lice can’t live more than two days off of a human head, so if you bag the bedding in an airtight plastic bag (a garbage bag, perhaps?) for 2-3 days all the lice will die, if there’s any in there.

    For more than you ever wanted to know about head lice, just google “head lice myths” and you’ll get an eyeful.

    Just so you know, the present prevalence of head lice began in fancy private schools. It had been eradicated in the US, but well-to-do children brought it back from their travels.

    So it’s still a pain in the butt but it’s not embarrassing any more. Unless you really, really want to be embarrassed. 😉

  16. Oh the itching!! Make it stop!!!!

  17. Ooh, now I’m itching. Thanks, Mir! I managed to escape the fun of lice all the way up until I got to college. Go figure. I don’t envy your kids, that’s for sure.

  18. Ewww!! My youngest DD (8) had it twice this year. Dang girls. My oldest girl had it 4 times in ONE year. We were stationed in England and they couldn’t make the kids stay out of school for lice. So, since my DD sat next to her…….. Thanks for the head itch. I’m now fanatic about weekly head checks. TG I didn’t get it this time. Bleh. Nasty little buggers! I hope your house is louse free soon. I’d be practically manic till I KNEW they were gone.

  19. Well, at least they waited till the wedding was over! That would have been fun 1 week ago! Good Luck!

  20. Oh my, that’s just….lousy. *duck* Hang in there.

    What a cool thing to know about the gift card. Thanks!

  21. I tried to buy a discounted gift card yesterday and when I went to check out it showed $200 crossed out, replaced by $160 (wanted to get the free shipping too!) so I wasn’t sure if I would receive a $200 or $160 card…in the end I didn’t pull the trigger. Guess you don’t really lose either way…

  22. For some reason Banana Republic decided to cancel my order without me saying to do so. Did this happen to anyone else? Maybe they decided they didn’t want to give me my free money!

  23. My order was canceled, also. I was excited about getting discounted gift cards for graduation gifts.

  24. They cancelled my order too. Bummer.

  25. Ditto – canceled.

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