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By Mir
May 17, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Honestly, I don’t game, and I don’t want to game, and I don’t know what Halo is, and I don’t care what Halo is, but I’m told that this here Halo 3 Legendary Edition thing is a big deal.

This is a pre-order; it doesn’t ship until the end of September. Is it a good price? I have no idea. But Amazon does do a price protection thing on pre-orders, where you get the difference if they lower the price between now and then.

I don’t normally recommend dropping this kind of money on something you won’t be getting for months, but I’m told these will be impossible to get, will sell out, will be going for way over mark-up on eBay… etc. I don’t know. Do you want one? Can you simply not live without one? Well then, here you go.

The rest of us can now go back to buying shoes.


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