Free Tide

By Mir
May 21, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Tide is my favorite laundry detergent, even though a part of me believes I should switch to something more natural and organic and involving tree bark rather than chemicals. Hey, at least I recycle the bottles.

Anyway, they’ve got this new formula specifically designed for use in cold water, and you can go get a free sample of it. I just use the regular Tide in cold water, but I’ll still take the freebie and try it out. You know what they say—two things in life are certain: Death and laundry.

(Wait, what? Oh, right. Taxes, too.)


  1. I’ve tried going to the more natural, less chemical-ly type of laundry products. Not only are they more expensive, they are also less effective. Apparently, nothing cleans as good as old fashioned toxins!

  2. Yay for free laundry detergent!

    You know how sometimes you get emails for free stuff for your birthday after you sign up on a website (free ice cream at Coldstone, for instance)? I know that you have to fill in your DOB for “age verification purposes”, but I always wonder what that company would send me for free for my birthday, if they were going to do that sort of thing.

    I’d take some free Tide for my birthday. Or someone from Tide to come do my laundry.

  3. It’s sad how far I have to scroll down to give them my year of birth . . .

  4. I like Tide Coldwater, so I’ll take some for free. I always wonder if my washing machine will blow up if I run it with Tide Coldwater on the hot water setting, though.

    Many moons ago Consumer Reports rated Tide with Bleach (or maybe it was Bleach Alternative) as the best cleaning detergent, so I’ve stuck with it since then. Good stuff, even if it is toxic. Smells pretty, at least. 🙂

  5. I don’t usually do the freebies because I hate the junk mail more than the freebies, but this I want to try. Thanks, Mir!

  6. Mir, try Charlies soap powder. We love it and it comes in this itty bitty paper sack that washes 80 some loads. If you like the smell of tide get that clean cotton yankee candle but don’t fill up precious space in your laundry rooms with monster boxes of detergent!

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