‘Tis the season

By Mir
May 21, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I’ve used Airborne as a preventive when I fly, because if there is a single cold germ on a plane, it will work its way through the recirculation system and fly up my nose like a moth drawn to a flame. (Perhaps my sinuses glow brightly. Now there’s a disturbing image.)

Well now there’s a whole new Airborne formula, and you can try it for free. This Seasonal Airborne claims to promote optimal histamine levels. That sounds pretty good, because right now I have histamine to spare. Helloooooo, Spring! I have some histamine!

So give it a try, if you and your histamine are so inclined. Thanks, Melanie!


  1. Thank you! My sweetie is a Gold level frequent flier. That means he has a whole lotta time logged breathing in other people’s germs, so I’m going to pass this freebie right along to him.

  2. Airborne — I keep it in stock in my medicine cabinet. I breathe in other people’s germs via their children: a.k.a. my students.

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