I justify the caffeine by getting it cheap

By Mir
May 22, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Sometimes I have to set little rules for myself. You know what I mean. Like, no going to the store in my pajamas just because I’m lazy. No killing people who cut me off in traffic. No eating nothing but chocolate on bad days.

One of my rules is that I’m only allowed to have one can of caffeinated soda each day. I know it’s not good for me, but I like it. If I limit myself to one can, I not only feel like it’s not that unhealthy (denial! not just a river in Egypt!), but I have a little goal each afternoon (“after I finish this next assignment, I can go have my diet coke”).

When I find a great deal on soda, it always thrills me. Mostly because my strict one-can-a-day rule means that if I go stock up, I’m set for a few months.

This week at Target, Pepsi 12-packs of soda are featured at 4 for $11. (Don’t leave me a comment telling me you only drink Coke. I don’t care. But do keep in mind that Pepsi products include things like Mountain Dew and my personal favorite, Sierra Mist Free.) That’s a pretty good deal, right? Just $2.75 for 12 cans! But it gets better. Go on over to the Target Coupon Generator and print out some coupons for $1 off Pepsi products, and you can score those 12-packs for just $1.75 apiece.

Plus, it’s an excuse to go to Target. Me likey.


  1. These are times I wish I didn’t live in a townhouse in the DC area. I would so stock up on these, but where to store them? that’s the rub! My grocery store yesterday had buy two get one free for $11… I only bought one, at gasp, full price because I literally have nowhere to store all that soda! UGH!!! Oh well, it will be a great find for people and their memorial day plans!

  2. If you prefer Coke products AND you live where there is a Publix, right now Coke product 12-packs are five for $11. Mmmm… FRESCA! Peach Fresca! Black Cherry Fresca! Diet Coke with Lime! Yeah, I love soft drinks, but only the more obscure ones.

  3. Thank you!! I try to only drink one a day, too. But summer’s coming and we’ve got to stock up on those things. So, I’ll be heading to target right after I change out of my pajamas.

  4. Umm, grammar police. Should that be ‘cheaply’? And should my question mark be inside or outside? Oh, who cares. I am totally addicted to Mountain Dew. You would faint if I told you how many I drink a day. Thanks for the tip. You are the greatest.

  5. Do those coupons work at regular Target as well, or just Super Target? I need to know before Thursday!

  6. inside, Stephanie. and cheaply. But perhaps Mir is using “cheap” in the colloquial sense?

    If we drank soda, that would be a great deal. Although….my stepson’s graduation party is next weekend and I bet the party guests will drink soda. Excellent score. Thank you, Mir!

  7. Hm. With two Dew addicts in the house, i might need to run over to the Tar-jay on my way to pick up the elder Dew addict at work. Thanks for the tip!

  8. Funny! That’s one of my rules too.. just one 12 ounce can of Dr. Pepper a day. Of course, I’ve yet to place a limit on chocolate or ice cream, so maybe it doesn’t really matter. Hmmm.

  9. I only have a regular target, not super, and they wouldn’t accept the coupons. But they did have SOME of the Pepsi products (The true pepsi, not 7 up and Dr. Pepper) for 4/$9, while the rest was 4/$11. Still a good deal!

  10. Stupid question, Mir…

    Isn’t Sierra Mist non-caffeinated? 😉

  11. I realized later that the Pepsi coupons were for Target, not Super Target. I scored some cheap soda today! AND!! I overheard two other shoppers – one telling the other that you can access those same coupons from the baby/bridal registry kiosk at Target. SO, you can use Target’s paper and ink and be really cheap!

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