If you’re looking for a good ovary-ache

By Mir
May 22, 2007

Sometimes I look at adorable little things for tiny babies and my ovaries start to hurt a little, which is peculiar because I no longer have ovaries. Huh. All I can tell you is that somewhere along the way, we evolved such that looking at teeny socks and hats causes us to want to populate the earth. It’s Darwinian, really.

Anyway. Have a baby, or a baby for whom you’d like to shop? Check out the Amazon Baby Sale going on now. Alert (and funny) reader Stephanie has been regaling me with her picks all morning, and I have to agree with her assessment that the Kiddopotamus stuff is particularly adorable. But I also think these bibs are sheer genius.


  1. I do like those bibs…my son would LOVE them…but as a mommy, it MUST have a HUGE, waterproof pocket in the front to catch everything. I prefer the thick vinyl ones from Walmart, with the snaps on the front to make the pocket…they are indestructible! We have only ONE…and my daughter got it when she was 2…she is now 6 1/2 and has handed it down to her baby brother who has used it since he could sit up…he’s now 3!

  2. There is a nice-looking diaper bag for those shorter trips (small, the kind I used bopping around the neighborhood) at a great discount — Baby Kaed Sanya, I think the name was.

  3. The bibs are great! I wish they’d made those when my blind son was a baby. He was such a messy eater!

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