Free panties! Scandalous!

By Mir
May 24, 2007

I guess it’s not actually scandalous. It’s just underwear. Don’t be such a prude.

Have a local Macy’s? Go print out this coupon and pop in to pick up your free undies next weekend.

Thanks, Susan and Jennifer! (You racy girls, you.)


  1. Woohoo! Hey, it’s a $9.50 value. That’s what I usually pay for a whole package at Costco. Thanks, girls!!

  2. I’ll deliver this to my daughter. I choke on my wallet if I try to buy undies that aren’t from

  3. Just a follow-up that this coupon worked like a charm! Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Our local store had lots of styles and lots of colors to choose from! Thanks, Mir!

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