Wasn’t I supposed to be able to relax, today?

By Mir
May 25, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I’ve been looking forward to a quiet holiday weekend, but suddenly I have three house showings today. That’s good, right? Except for the fact that the corn grass is as high as an elephant’s eye. Whoops.

While I go mow, you can check out the Amazon Friday Sale. I see lots of good stuff in there, like a Baby Bjorn carrier for just $60 (and it’s the mesh kind, good for summer). But I have to see if my mower will start, so just try to do what I’d do. (Hint: Say Scooba! a lot.)


  1. Contest…I bet my yard (pasture) of white headed dandelions is more of an eye soar than your corn (HA) grass.

  2. I wanted to let you know that I did buy a Scooba a few weeks ago! The jury is still out on it, but my initial reaction is that I am not going to argue with something that does the work I don’t want to do! And I don’t want to scrub floors! It is loud though and terrifies my two year old daughter.

  3. Go, three showings!

    Mama needs a bidding war!!!

  4. Lacey: My 2 year old nephew was terrified of our Roomba at first but now it has become one of his favorite things! We would stand in its path and let it bump into us to show him that it didn’t hurt and that it would run away! He thinks it is great!

  5. We just did our first mow of the season . . . isn’t it cool how it transforms all the dandelions and other miscellaneous weeds into something that resembles a lawn?

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