Let me make it up to you

By Mir
May 29, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Sorry about that last deal. (Gotta love Amazon. Go get it! Whoops, it’s gone!) Here’s something a bit less time-sensitive:

Now through June 12th, 2007, you can enjoy $1 shipping on any order at the A&E Television Store. Oh, sure—I know what you’re thinking. Educational! High- falutin’! Well, yes, some of it is… but right now, for example, you can get the 16-Ton Monty Python Megaset for 50% off. (Hrm. That seems to be going to another deal of the week, but search on Monty Python and you’ll find it.) And who doesn’t want that?

(Plenty of other goodies in the clearance section, too.)

1 Comment

  1. 1) this deal itself is awesome
    2) even if it were not, in fact, awesome, you still wouldn’t need to make anything up simply due to the ferocious kick-assness of that -ology deal last week. jeez. I still can’t get over the coolness of that one.
    3) also, Amazon is weird with its taunting deals.

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