Because life requires more than a nice purse

By Mir
May 30, 2007

So, I guess this Bloggers Choice Awards thing is going on a bit longer than I’d thought. I thought maybe they’d leave the voting open for, say, a month. But it appears that they’re going to leave it open for approximately forever.

And in the meantime, some blog about expensive purses is creeping up and threatening to knock Want Not out of the lead. Can we let that happen? I don’t think we can. I mean, let’s consider this.

They have: Purses.

We have: Dr. Pepper beef jerky, shoes shoes and more shoes, toys, books, clothes, general budget advice, free coffee, free ice cream, free dog food, free panties, free movies, Roombas, Scoobas, Dysons, people getting pregnant by Palm Pilots, cheap Pepsi, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

I think the choice is obvious. Please go vote.


  1. I already voted and it won’t let me vote again. Winners will be announced November 10th in Las Vegas.

  2. Ok, I’m not a hater — well, maybe I am, but moving along — I likes me the handbags (as well as my shoes), but seriously, I took a look….ummm, what’s up with the next to no comments?

    Where’s this dicussion that is chatted up in the 27 comments?

    I voted as many times as it would let me — alas, shall I start using all my gmail invites to push the numbers?

  3. I voted with as many email accounts as I have!!! Hope it helps.

  4. Voted and left a comment (Afwife)! Good luck 🙂

  5. It will only let me vote once, but that Fitmomma quote is from me. Hope it helps!

  6. Done!

    I just learned of your blog a week ago and already have scored great savings at Coldwater Creek and registered for the Heros DVD for my 4-year old son!

    Keep up the great blogging!

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