Clearance on boutique baby duds

By Mir
May 31, 2007

Royal Bambini is closing their online doors, and clearancing out their remaining stock for $3 and $5 apiece. Some cute stuff is still available (mostly infant sizes, though some larger).

This would be a great way to scoop up a nice baby gift and look like you spent more than you did. Shhhh, I won’t tell if you don’t.


  1. Score! Thanks, Mir! Brand-new boutique items at (nearly) thrift store prices. AWESOME.

    I’m not sure if I bought pieces for gifts, for my daughter, or for the incoming bambino (gender ytb revealed), but regardless, I got some great deals. Thanks.

  2. Yay for awesome deals!!! Only spent $29 and got a pair of pj’s, two 2-piece outfits, a jacket, and 2 shirts for Baby Dear. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Oh, just wanted to add… that $29 included the shipping as well!

  4. If only I had some pregnant friends….. or at least knew if I’m having a boy or a girl this time! This stuff is very cute and great prices!

  5. That was awesome. Loads of clothes for both kids, and a bunch of baby gifts for future unknown babies. All shipped for under $50.00. So sweet.

  6. Oh my! Bargains galore! I was able to get a few good outfits for my daughter, son, and for a niece!!!

  7. I got totally sucked in for $75 worth of stuff for the next two years of cool weather. I got a huge pile of stuff, though.

    Hope it’s quality stuff. This company is local to me, so it should arrive fast and I can return it in person, if need be. Assuming that they’re accepting returns. I didn’t see anything about sales being final.

  8. Babies nowadays are so fashionable ;p

  9. Paypal! Work damn you paypal! You are not being pretty!

  10. paypal still doesn’t work here. 3:15 CDT. Will keep trying on such a good deal though.

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