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By Mir
May 31, 2007

If you went nuts ordering books thanks to this post you may find yourself annoyed with me for pointing out more great titles. In that case, look away! I think I see something shiny over there! Go check it out!

If you’re still here, you may be interested to know that the big Ologies Collection is now offered with free Super Saver Shipping. (If you ordered it with shipping, you may want to see if they’ll refund you. If you were waffling because of the shipping cost, now’s the time to grab it.)

Junior studying the Constitution in school? You won’t want to miss the whimsical We the Kids. It’s learning tucked in amongst easy-to-understand language and fun illustrations, and at 80% off it’s hard to say no.

Have a budding Hemingway on your hands? She might enjoy The Aspiring Writer’s Journal. Wouldn’t this be a great activity-sparker to have around this summer?

Okay, feeling too educational and stodgy? Pick up some Dino Poop. Sorry, it’s still educational… but at least the title will make everyone giggle.

Keep poking around in books… I’m finding tons of stuff at 80% off. And I am powerless against cheap books. Eep.


  1. How can you go wrong with dino poop for $2? I’d just like to know.
    Thanks for posting the deals. I just love me some 80% off. I got 7 books for under $30, and I got to get myself a book I have been wanting to read, as an excuse to get free shipping!

  2. I got the Ologies I ordered the other day, these are way cool and well worth it!

  3. Dino Poop sounds awesome! I bought a book called Bog Bodies a few years ago. I’m a sucker for a good title.

  4. Yes, I got mine too today and emailed Amazon asking for a shipping refund. They responded right away saying they would take care of it. Yeah!

  5. I got my dino poop yesterday. I see now that it is $9.99. Yeah for cheap dino poop. It’s actually an interesting book, too.

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