You know how I love Fridays

By Mir
June 1, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Really, how did I know the weekend was coming, before the advent of the Amazon Friday Sale? I’m sure I spent Friday just like I spent every other day, and that’s such a pity when there are cheap products to be had.


Did I ever tell you that I once used the Luvs diapers “leak-proof” guarantee? I called and told them a diaper had leaked (it had), and they sent me coupons for free packages and coupons for dollars off and I was so impressed, I kept using them.

There’s some pretty good reviews on this Olympus camera, if you’re in the market for a small digital point-n-shoot. 43% off is pretty nice, too.

I want the kind of shower that could have this showerhead. Oh, silly me—I would have to have a house to move into next month, first. (Though that would make quite the statement in my van down by the river.)

I am unable to look at this Dewalt kit without inserting a few hearty Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor grunts. I’m sure he would approve of this one.

These HyLoft bins aren’t actually for stringing up your children, but that’s always what I picture when I see them. One bin for each kid, high up on the garage wall. What?

Green Eggs and Hammocks! I think I like them, Sam I Am.

One of those fancy weather gadget things would be good for checking to see if it was nice enough out to go sit in your hammock. Just sayin’.

This is a great deal on a fancy electronic razor that sort of looks like a space-age weapon. Halt! Or I’ll give you a really close shave!

I have no idea if this tabletop vacuum is any good, but I can’t stop laughing. (oink!)


  1. What’s up with the baby items that are marked down by 4 cents? Not much of a bargain!

  2. The mention of the fancy electronic razor leads me to post the following very funny link at Norelco. After the Intro, go to Main Menu and click on Test Drive. Hee hee!

  3. Ooh, that IS funny, Heidi!

  4. How did you know that our weather station broke this week?? Thanks!

  5. The tabletop vaccuum is adorable. But why the “keep away from children under 5?” I can’t figure that out.
    Oh, yeah. Mine are older. I’m okay now.

  6. I have that chair by Green Eggs and it is awesome! One of the best things I’ve ever bought!

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