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By Mir
June 4, 2007
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I know I just posted about the $1 shipping thing going on over at the A&E Television Store, but alert reader Stephanie was kind enough to point out that right now they’re offering a great Father’s Day Special. You can get the “Best of the History Channel” set—that’s 10 DVDs, normally priced at $100—for just $20 with any $50 order. And of course the $1 shipping is still in effect, too.

You’ve got until June 13th, 2007, though they recommend ordering by the 12th to guarantee Father’s Day delivery. Thanks, Stephanie!

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  1. Wow! I’m so helpful! I had no idea that I had a duplicate going around finding good deals. Every time I see my name in a post of yours, I think, “What did I do now?”
    I think I’ll specify that I’m Stephanie C, so that others won’t think, “Wow, that Stephanie, does she have any else to do besides be on the internet?” Wait, they already think that about me. Oh, well.

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