This is the last day, and then I’ll shut up

By Mir
June 4, 2007

The Threadless Summer Sale has been extended by a day, which means that today (Monday, June 4th) is the absolute last day to take advantage of the savings. They’ve put up a few more new and reprinted designs, too.

I finally bought myself the ultimate writer geek shirt. Hee.


  1. I ordered this shirt for myself on Friday because I thought it was hilarious! I was so excited that I emailed a link to my husband, who I THOUGHT was hip and smart, with a cool sense of humor. He wrote back and said HE DIDN’T GET IT! What? He’s 45 and he has somehow forgotten what a haiku is!!!

    Then I told my best friend about it while we ran together yesterday morning, just knowing she’d snicker and we’d make fun of my husband together. SHE DIDN’T GET IT EITHER! She’s a middle school principal, for God’s sake (though her background is math).

    Oh well. Guess I’ll wear it and every 153rd person who sees it will laugh…

  2. I thought it was hysterical. My husband gave me a puzzled look because he DIDN’T GET!

  3. I bought it a few weeks ago for $12 🙁 but I love it nevertheless. Even if it does occasionally require some explaining!

  4. I want to get the haiku shirt for my brother, but they haven’t had it in the regular men’s sizes in ages 🙁

  5. I may have to buy
    This tee-shirt for myself now
    Because it’s perfect!

  6. I got that haiku shirt the minute it was released. I love me some haiku!

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