Pricematching shoes for fun and profit

By Mir
June 5, 2007

It was asked in the comments on this post that I explain exactly how to best pricematch shoes.

What’s that? Give you step-by-step instructions on how to get the very best shoe deals? Okay, you twisted my arm.

1) Surf the sale section at Endless.

2) Find yourself some pretty, pretty shoes on sale for a deep discount.

3) Go find those same pretty shoes over at Zappos, if you can, where they will hopefully be full price (or close to it).

4) Confirm that Endless has the size and color you want in stock.

5) Order from Zappos. On the “Order Confirmation” screen, once you have your order number, glance slightly to the right to find the toll-free phone number. Call them up, tell them you just placed and order and would like to do a pricematch.

6) Zappos customer service is the best I’ve ever dealt with, bar none. They will take care of everything on the phone for you. You can place the whole order on the phone, of course, but I find the process much quicker to order online, adjust via phone.

[You can also pricematch with Shoebuy and, but those two require that you mail in for your pricematch, and then process it so slowly you run the risk of the shoes no longer being available on Endless (and therefore ineligible for a pricematch).]

Zappos gives you a 110% price guarantee. So, say you found some shoes originally $145 marked down to $30 at Endless. The end cost to you (because Endless automatically deducts $5) would be $25 shipped at Endless. Order those same shoes from Zappos, and they will cost you $145 less 110% of the difference between $145 and $25 (or 120 x 1.1, which is $132). Your final cost after pricematch in this example is then $145 – $132, so just $13 shipped.

Bottom line: You get the best bargains by finding shoes drastically reduced at Endless, then buying and pricematching them at Zappos. Which means you save money. Which means you can buy more shoes.



  1. You are GORGEOUS!

  2. That was amazing! I just ordered a pair of Clarks for less than $13. I was sooo nervous listening to the hold music but it all seems to have worked out. Thank you Thank you!

  3. Mir, You are the prettiest one of all!!!

  4. Thank you for explaining, most prettiest of shopping gurus! I had wanted to try it but didn’t get the part about phoning.

  5. This might convince me to order shoes online. I’ve never done it before…

    What if they don’t fit? Do I have to pay shipping to send them back?

    Muchas gracias, Mir!

  6. I tried it this afternoon. I was ordering a pair of stride rites for my son. Somehow betweeen when I placed my order with zappos and called in endless had ended the sale price and they were back to full price (how very amazon of them). Zappos were great about cancelling the order all together since I still had them in my cart on endless for $14.89 instead of the $38.xx zappos was willing to match.

    even though it didn’t work out, I was thoroughly impressed with zappos and their customer service.

  7. Thank you, Mir — you’re the best! I love buying shoes – I especially love buying expensive shoes that weren’t!

  8. I agree — Zappos customer service is the BEST EVER. Every time I talk to one of their reps, I thank them profusely and ask to talk to their superiors so that I can let them know what a GREAT job they are doing. Go Zappos!

  9. Re question above- both Zappos and Endless offer free shipping both ways. If you find multiple shoes on Endless that you get at Zappos, make sure to process each order separately so you get the negative $5 shipping off of each pair at Zappos. It is wonderful.

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