Can’t. Stop. Rhyming.

By Mir
June 6, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

It’s time for a sale at Eastern Mountain Sports, for dads and grads who are mad or sad or glad, and people named Brad.

Maybe not for Brad. Poor Brad! Don’t be sad, Brad! That’d be bad!

Whatever; if they want to have a sale, who are we to argue? And they’re offering all sorts of goodies in there, like free shipping on your entire order if you buy a pair of Keens, or Crocs Aspens on a Buy One Pair, Get One Pair Free special.

Maybe there’s even something there for you. Wouldn’t that be rad?


  1. Thanks for some testosterone after the bra post! Seriously I like the variety. Something for each member of the family.

  2. What a bad day dad had.

  3. How about those flip-flops with the built-in bottle opener? Multi-tasking shoes, especially for the beach or tailgate party.

  4. Egad! What about Tad and Chad?

  5. crocs on sale? where? i dont see a link in your post!

  6. heheh Sounds a lot like a song by Five Iron Frenzy called “So Far, So Bad”:

    “…but I guess we dodged some passing fad,
    it looks like it’s so far, so bad.
    This song is rad.
    You could ask your dad.
    He won’t be mad.
    This song is stupid!…”

    (And one of the band members is named Brad, too.)

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