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By Mir
June 6, 2007
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Pretty Brigitte emailed to remind me that the LL Bean Summer Sale is going on right now.

Don’t forget to use coupon code 2344580 for free shipping on your order, or if you have a Bean Visa shipping is always free.

I cannot tell you how much I love this place. My children have backpacks from there which are several years old and have a malfunctioning handle design (easy to pull up, hard to put down). I called in to ask some questions about the recent redesign and the customer service rep pointed out that I could exchange the bags basically free of charge. After years of use. You will not regret buying anything from Bean, but especially the book packs are a worthy investment!

Love them.


  1. I still have my “eggplant” LL Bean backpack from third grade! OK, so I don’t use it often. And I probably shouldn’t still have it. But it is in great shape!

  2. My son had a backpack from GAP we picked up for kindergarten. My mom altered the straps to fit him better. He used that pack from K through 5th grade. He finally got rid of it before sixth grade. Actaully, we passed it on to a cousin not in school yet. Oh, and the replacement didn’t even make it through sixth grade. UGH!

  3. My daughter has had a Bean backpack for three years and it looks almost new — a little wear on the corners, but not much! It’s good to know that a malfunction would warrant free replacement.

    And thanks mucho for the free shipping code! I love their Double L stretch polos when they are on sale. Goody!

  4. I never had heard of Bean’s until I moved to Maine. Now, its the first place I think of to my anything for my daughter. Her laces broke twice on her snowboots year before last and they didn’t have replacement laces so they exchanged her boots and when it happened at the end of the season the customer service rep suggested waiting until the following season to return them. Love them!!!

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