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By Mir
June 6, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Lovely Stephanie (um, are you going by Stephanie C now, so that we can tell you apart from the other Stephanies? So confusing) emailed to remind me that is having their big June sale right now. They’re also having a Journal and Photo Album Blowout event.

Go forth and read!


  1. I’m SO excited — I found a number of children’s books in Spanish at huge discounts. These make wonderful gifts to send to our nieces and nephews in Mexico!

    Muchas gracias, Bonita!

  2. I just signed up for the site’s newsletter and received a $5.00 coupon off my next purchase. Just covers shipping plus a little something for next time, but every bit helps.

  3. the Stephanie mentioned above (who was not me) going by ‘Stephanie C’ wouldn’t actually help much, because I (the Stephanie who brought up the Fisher Price DVD and the A&E/History Channel $20 DVD set), am also a Stephanie C!
    Just to make it worse! But I go by ‘Thespian’ (which is nearly Stephanie (only one ‘e’), spelled sideways) most other places online, and only wasn’t doing it here because everyone else seemed to be using their real first names. So I’ll start going by ‘Thes’ here, and hopefully that’ll clear things up a leeeeetle 😉

  4. Yes, but a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet. So no matter what we call ourselves, we still rock!!!

  5. I just got my dragonology collection and some other deeply discounted books through amazon in the mail yesterday. Thanks for pointing those out, those will be GREAT!

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