Summer sale at Maidenform

By Mir
June 6, 2007

Ah, summer. Picnics! Swimming! Bubbles! New bras!


Maidenform is having their big summer sale, and we all know a great outfit starts with the right foundation, if you know what I’m saying. Summer is a time to be free, but the girls can always use a bit less freedom.

There are a dozen pages of clearance items, all marked half off the last price. Shipping starts at $7 and is free on orders over $75. Rope ’em in and haul ’em up, ladies.


  1. I had finally found an undie that didn’t cause pantylines (and wans’t a thong)…Maidenform No Show #40782. It seems to have disappeard all together. I have sent an email twice to Maidenform asking if they have been discontinued and if so what would they recommend as a similar undie.
    Have any of you tried Maidenform® “One Invisible Fit” Hipster?

  2. i (unfortunately) don’t have any help on the hipster question above. i just have to say i am SO EXCITED to see this! my most favorite bra is a maidenform – so much more comfortable to me than VS or anything else…. and i typed in the style # (8839 in case you were wondering) and it’s on clearance!! lovely! i’m stocking up. 🙂


  3. I can definitely take advantage of this sale. Thanks, oh Pretty One. My only issue with their website is why are all of the product pictures in black and white?

  4. Now I have “Rawhiiiide!!” and whip-cracking sounds in conjunction with boobs in my head. Gee, thanks.

  5. Thanks so much for the tip – I went and stocked up. I’ve heard such great things about Maidenform and am happy to see that they ship outside of the US.

    The girls and I thank you….:)

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