It’s free float night at Sonic

By Mir
June 7, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

There’s nothing quite like a hot date on a Thursday night. Yes. So why not bop on over to your local Sonic tonight (June 7th, 2007) between 8:00 and midnight, and have a free rootbeer float?

Okay, I guess it’s not really “hot date” material, but it is a free float. Mmmmm… rootbeer float….

(I prefer the cherry crack limeade, actually, but as I won’t have a local Sonic until I move in a few weeks, it’s sort of a moot point. Go have a float on my behalf, willya?) (Thanks to everyone who sent this in. Y’all are a thirsty bunch.)


  1. Waaahhhh!!! We moved to an area where the nearest Sonic is more than an hour away! I miss Sonic…

  2. Ooh! Those floats are so, so, SO good. They use soft serve ice cream, and you can get root beer, orange, or coke with vanilla. HOLY COW SO YUMMY.

  3. I miss Sonic as well. None that I know of here in Maine. They call them flurries in the south (at least they did 4 years ago). My husband and I were just talking about a cherry coke flurry last night. 🙁

  4. ooooh, I’m a strawberry limeade addict myself. I had quit eating at Sonic for a while cause their burgers were not agreeing with me…but then I discovered the Chicken Wrap…mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Now if it wasn’t 10 miles out of my way to ANYWHERE to go there hehe

  5. Ohhh…I loooove Sonic’s cherry limeade and we have NO Sonics up here in dairyland (Wisconsin). Luckily, we’re going down to visit my fiance’s mom in Missouri next weekend, a trip which always includes a trip to Sonic!

  6. no Sonics is a saaaad thing. *sniff* We used to live within 5 minutes of several when we were in Austin (now in New England). I can’t manage to recreate their Cherry Limeades, no matter how many recipes I try.

    Hope everyone with a local Sonic enjoys this!

  7. oh that’s MEAN. I don’t HAVE Sonic here….


  8. Ha! I have a Sonic! Boo-yeah! And after 21 years of no Sonic anywhere within driving distance, I’d say it’s totally alright for me to do a little happy dance! Cause I’m taking the hubs out for a float (his favorite!!) tonight, and he can’t even complain ’cause it’s FREEEEEEEE!!! So Mir, thanks for making a starving student married couple’s evening. You rock as always!

  9. We live in CT and are always seeing ads for Sonic, but last time I checked their site, the closest one was in VIRGINIA! WHY must I be subjected to their ads, especially when it’s yummy-looking stuff?

  10. I’ve seen a Sonic in northern Maryland, and they seem to be creeping northward…in the past year or so two have sprung up in PA. So maybe they’ll reach you someday!!

    Frankly, I’m waiting for Tim Horton’s to spread south, so I have little sympathy for those of you dwelling near to the Canadian border. I’d trade Sonic for Tim any day of the week.

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