Pretty pot rack

By Mir
June 13, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

(Try saying that 10 times fast, I dare you.)

Okay, first you want to go to Home Decorators Outlet and then you want to search on 42163. Then you want to go, “Sweet merciful heavens, that is a really gorgeous wrought-iron pot rack for just $7.99!”

You then want to use coupon code 8577920 for 15% off, because it’s not a lot but why not, right? And then you can grumble a little bit about the $9.99 shipping being more than the item itself, but that’s still a heckuva deal.

Then you want to tell me how happy you are with your new, cheap pot rack.


  1. Sweeeeeeeet!!!! 🙂

  2. I don’t even need a pot rack, but for $16.74, I could not pass it up. I’m thinksing I could use this for something other than a pot rack…

  3. Woohoo, awesome deal! I already have a pot rack, but ordered this one for when we move in a couple years. Now I have a great fancy new pot rack for the next house and I don’t have to take the current one down… actually, I can add it on to the price of the house! Thanks a bunch for this one pretty Mir!

  4. Not only did I order the pot rack, but I also picked up some pretty new light fixtures for my bathroom. I have NO IDEA where I will put the pot rack, but I will find a place.

    Thank you, very pretty Mir.


  5. If you have a store near you and have the item shipped to the store then you don’t pay shipping….just for the gas (which could be a lot these days I suppose).

  6. My dad is remodeling his kitchen, and had been looking for a pot rack…..can you say HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!

  7. I didnt get the pot rack (already have one), but the deals on rugs were AWESOME!!

    Thanks for introducing me to their website!!

  8. awesome, just ordered one. thanks!

  9. Daisy –
    how/where did you see the ship to store option? Was it to a home depot store – or to a Home Decorators store?

    Thanks Mir for the deal and for the website!@

  10. I got distracted by the super-markdowns on area rugs. I need one for my new classroom. This might be the place! oh, my teacher friends will be jealous of the deals I find. Don’t worry, I’ll let them in on the secret!

  11. When I search for the number the website comes up saying it cannot find the page. What am I doing wrong?

  12. It is at the Home Decorator’s store. I ordered a table and they said if it was shipped to the shipping…and that’s how it worked.

  13. Reading way too fast, I ‘saw’ – Pet Rock. As if… 🙂

  14. I couldn’t get the link to work either! Bummer, I really need a new pot rack!!!

  15. Got the letter today telling me that they regret that they can’t fulfill my order. I didn’t need one anyhow, so I’m not too disappointed. They gave me a $10 off code for another pruchase though…

  16. Just checked on my order, and it was canceled….they had charged my credit card and never notified me that it wasn’t shipped. They are going to process the credit now that I called….

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