I like sheets almost as much as shoes

By Mir
June 14, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

This past weekend I gave away over half the sheets I own to Goodwill. Packing is brutal, people. And what I realized was that every time I buy new sheets I neglect to ditch the old ones. Also, I’m trying to curb my sheet-buying habit.

But how can I be expected to resist 500 thread count Pinzon sateen sheets? I mean, seriously. $28.50 for queen size, $31.50 for king?

If this is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.


  1. All gone already! So sad. But I put them on my wish list for future times.

  2. Never heard of bamboo sheets before, and I gotta admit, after reading that term, I thought of splinters in the butt at 2 a.m. But after reading the reviews, they may not be all bad…

  3. Love, love, love your blog! Just ordered the sheets. Can’t believe the awesome price! Thanks =]

  4. holy crap! $28.50 for 500 thread count sheet sets? that’s amazing! AND it ships free!

    you are truly a goddess, Mir!

  5. Aha! They had them in taupe! I wanted the sage green, but I’ll take the taupe – and I did. Thank you, Mir!

    And yes, the bamboo sheets are fabulous. We have several sets (they also go by the fabric name “modal”) from Bed Bath & Beyond. The kiddo adores his set and calls them “candy syrup” sheets because they are so unbelievably soft. Way softer than jersey knit.

  6. WO HOO I bought two sets (KING BABY!)Thanks Mir! Yer purty!

  7. Thanks for this one… my friend who is getting married is getting a set of these AND I ordered a set for myself. The only color left in queen is white as of 4:30 pm EDT, FYI. And I figured out that if I ordered each separately, I saved myself $17 on shipping.

  8. That sounds like a country song.
    “I love sheets, I do. Almost as much as I love you. I’ll ditch the old sheets, but I won’t ditch you.
    Those nice fitted corners gotta fit tight,
    And if that’s wrong, I don’t wanna be right.”

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