Free shipping on all Linens N Things clearance

By Mir
June 16, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

For a limited time (how long? no idea, it doesn’t say) you can get free shipping on everything on clearance at Linens N Things. No need to ship that super-cheap item to the store and drive to pick it up. Viva la lazy!

Make it even better: Take 20% off your entire order with coupon code 194714449801.

What’s on sale? All kinds of stuff; you’ll just have to go look. Enjoy.


  1. Alas, it appears the free shipping offer only applies to the “Deal of the Day” (4 types of curtains).

  2. Sheets, anyone? Heeheehee

  3. Is it me, or were they not very clear on which items actually got free shipping? I shopped only in the clearance section but the cart kept showing only discounted shipping until I gave up.

    (Mir, you are still pretty and beautiful!)

  4. Actually, this worked perfectly for me here on June 18, both with free shipping on clearance and the discount code. They did sneak in a few non -discounted items into the clearance lists and some ‘suggested items,’ but once light dawned on Marblehead I ignored everything that didn’t have red ink and got some nice bargains. Thanks, Mir.

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