Get them reading, get free stuff

By Mir
June 16, 2007

Anyone who knows me know that I love reading nearly as much as I love free stuff. So it’s only natural that the combination of the two would make me very, very happy.

Thanks to the very pretty MamaChristy for pointing out that once again, Barnes & Noble is offering a summer reading program for the kids. Follow the directions, have your kid read and journal about 8 books, and they’ll get a coupon for a free one. Very nice.


  1. Sadly, it is just for Grades 1-6. I guess reading pre-schoolers and kindergartner’s are left out. What a great deal, though!

  2. Oh, if only they had Braille…but Amigo’s too old, anyway. I did get him two free books from Seedlings books for the Blind. He’s reading the second right now.

  3. Thanks, Mir!! My son has to read at least an hour a week this summer so we can double up via this program and get a free book! Thanks!

  4. Also, if you read the fine print, you are actually allowed to fill out 2 sheets – so you can get 2 free books! We did it last year – my oldest is an avid reader, so for him it was a piece of cake!

  5. Oh, also, I think Target has a deal for kids who start a “book club” – they send them stickers, a bag, etc.

  6. Sweet!

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