Because they have some gadget you didn’t know you needed

By Mir
June 19, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I just love shopping at Brookstone. You’ve got the little desk chotchkes in there with the $5,000 massage chairs. Truly, you just never know what wonderful thing they’ll have that you might want to dream about. And no one I know would ever be able to afford anything there, even with coupons, except that sometimes, they put stuff on clearance.

And now through June 30th, 2007, you can take $10 off your $100+ order at Brookstone by using coupon code AF2JUNE, or take $20 off your $200+ order with coupon code AF3JUNE.

(Or just browse through and giggle. That’s what I usually do.)

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  1. I want you to revel in the fact that your evil evil site has once again sent me over budget. Evil woman.

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