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By Mir
June 21, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

It looks like there’s some great stuff on sale over at Brylane Catalog Outlet right now. Oh, I know… you’re perhaps thinking that they’re the place that carries some scary old-lady clothes, and maybe they are, but they have other stuff, too.

Like item #1494-06810-1277, which is one of those plastic gift wrap hampers, for just $6.99.

Or item #1482-12711-1128, which is an adorable mesh canopy for a little girl’s bed, for $6.99.

Sweeten the deal with coupon code BCFREESHIP for free shipping on any size order.

Check out the Bargain Zone in particular, but there’s all sorts of stuff there you might look at and go, “Hey! I’ve been wanting one of those!” (Just say no to the granny undies, though.)


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