In case you missed the booty

By Mir
June 21, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Well, as predicted, Amazon figured out that snacks glitch pretty quickly. Whoops! Congrats to those of you who got in on the deal.

As a small consolation, here’s a whole bunch of Home and Garden Markdowns for those of you who won’t be snacking on Pirate Booty or Chaos for the next six months. Sorry ’bout that.

(There’s lots of refurb appliances in there, for those of you following along after our discussion of refurbished items earlier in the week.)


  1. did you notice the lovely Mangers Specials over in Amazon Grocery? It includes some lovely deals on supplements, too! Woo-hoo for 2/3 off for some supplements! Not all are that good a deal, but there are a lot of great deals there if you browse through.

  2. I am sorely tempted to start my Christmas shopping. Hold me back, please!!

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