Oooh la lingerie

By Mir
June 24, 2007

Thanks to pretty Erin for pointing out that Fig Leaves is having a huge sale right now. They sell unmentionables, you know, so of course I’m mentioning it. Because I’m a rebel that way.

Shipping on your first order is always free, so if you’ve never ordered from them before, bonus!

Free returns, too. It’s sort of like Zappos for panties.


  1. Ok, can someone explain this to me, why do they have bra sizes like this 36 DDD, 36F 36G… yet when you get to 40, it goes 40DDD, 40F and then it’s 42 DDD (nothing higher)…

    I’m a bit chubby, so I need a 40, but I’m also chesty (and still breastfeeding at nap and night-night time), so I’m chestier than normal… kind of sad that I top out there bras, but if I were a tad thinner, I could GET the G cup I need!!! NO FAIR!!!

  2. That’s only on the sale items. On the full price stuff they have a lot more selection for size.

  3. Oh thank you!!! I really, really need to get something other than these awful nursing bras that I’ve been wearing for over two years!!! (the kid will not wean!)

  4. Am I the only one who cringed when I read “free returns…like Zappos for panties.” ? *ick*

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