Deals at The Children’s Place

By Mir
June 27, 2007

(Hello! I am now southern. Can’t you tell? Everything is different now. Also if I never get into a car again it will be too soon.)

They’ve just dropped prices at The Children’s Place again, and you can use coupon code NMSA47 for $10 off your $30+ order.

Even better, if you go go play this game, you’ll be emailed a coupon for free shipping (and it can be stacked with the $10 off one).

Now please be forthcoming with the appreciation, because who else would sit down after 15 hours in the car and find you this deal? No one, that’s who. My love for you, it is deep. As is my geekitude.


  1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! Mir is southern!! I promise you will love it. Except for the heat. And humidity. And rednecks.

    Other than that, though, it is great. Think peaches!

  2. Woohoo southerners have sweet tea. If you drink iced tea, get used to being asked “sweet or unsweet?” the correct answer, of course, is sweet.

    And now I miss real sweet tea. I ordered it here the other day, and it was just sugar sprinkled on the ice in my iced tea, which does nothing to actually sweeten the tea.

    and now that i’ve hijacked the post i’ll shush now. Glad to hear you survived the drive.

    Speaking of– any good tips for road trips now?

  3. My kids, 6 old enough to count, like to divide into teams and count cows. One team gets the left side of the road, one gets the right. If they see a cemetary, the first team to call out “Bury your cows!” wipes out the other teams cows to 0 and they have to start again (We play first team to 100) You can do this with red cars, horses, antelope, rabbit…whatever

    We went on a road trip 3 summers ago, my now 4 year old still yells out “Bury your cows!” when we go by a cemetary

  4. Well, I don’t know how you are online at ALL Mir. After we do cross country moves, we are wiped and hardly able to MOVE let alone find a computer or something to sit on to type! LOL

    We are “southern” now too (officially) though the DC burbs of Virginia are hardly southern (tend to vote democrat in this area! LOL)

    But, heat and humidity is most of the US, it just LASTS longer in the south (and even more where you are) than you will be used to. The real “shockers” will come when you see how QUICKLY things bloom and you will realize that you don’t recognize hardly any tree or plant species. I remember being dazzled by the amount of flowering bushes and trees. April and May is just dazzling in colors (well, it might be March and April in your area). I grew up in Northern Iowa and then moved to Chicago, did a stint in Philly and then to Ontario before coming to Northern Virginia and if I didn’t have that stint in Philly, I would have been walking around in April and May with my mouth hanging open because of all the blooming!

    And our key to making long cross country trips livable is to stop frequently for the kids. Much better to take 17 hours and have happy kids instead of 15 hours and miserable kids. We usually get a new toy for the trip too (one that won’t get lost pieces is key! LOL)

  5. Only YOU, Mir, could still be so outstandingly pretty after such a long car trip!

  6. Glad you got there safely!

  7. congrats on the move! Glad you are well and that the pretty Mir is thinking of us. So selfless!

  8. Thanks for the heads-up on TCP! I Love Their Stuff. And you are so, so pretty to give out this tip even when you are so, so wrung!

  9. Mir! Y’all are so pretty! Thank y’all so much for the fabulous deals. Now get yourself into a hammock or the gazebo/casino with a tall glass of sweet tea and rest up.

    Oh, and my sheets came and I LOVE them. Sadly, there are no more queen ones for sale, but Amazon still has the king ones in every color . . .

  10. I can tell that you are talking (and typing) slower already, since that’s the way of the south.

  11. First time commenting, long time surfer. Wanted to thank you for the info at TCP! Codes worked great for me. 2 kids in school and baby toddling around . . . they had great deals on clothes for everyone. Stocked up on girls jeans for fall for $8.49!!! That’s a steal in my book . . . not to mention saving $10 and free shipping. Thanks a bunch mir! From the bottom of this full-time working mom’s heart . . . you’ve been permanently bookmarked!

  12. Welcome to the South, Mrs. Otto! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Not to bother you or anything, but, I played TCP game and wasn’t emailed a shipping code, was it because I didn’t win the game? I even checked my spam folder… ah well.

    Hope you’re settling in nicely, we’re so glad to have you back! :oD

  13. Consider yourself appreciated. Now go take some time off, already!

  14. SOOOOO not complaining, but I didn’t get emailed the free shipping coupon either after I played the game. But thanks for the $10 off code, that makes me smile. With the $5 flat rate shipping, it’s like $5, which is better than $0 off!

  15. Scratch that last comment, I should never question the lovely Ms. Mir. It just took some patience, but my email for free shipping for purchases over $30 just arrived. THANK YOU!!

  16. Thank you so much!! I would have missed the Monster sale if it had not been for you. And when you shop a year ahead of time for your kidlets, you definitely can’t afford to miss a TCP Monster sale!!! I don’t know how you remain so beautiful after such a long week!!

  17. So glad you made it in one piece, pretty Mir! Now just remember one thing and you’ll be ok: “y’all” is plural, not singular. Use it when referring to one person and you’ll instantly be noted as someone who’s not from ’round here (and who puts too much stock in what Hollywood tells you about us). Welcome, have some sweet tea, sit a spell. Bless your heart…moving down here in the summer…just sit in front of the nice air conditioning for a while til you acclimate.

  18. Welcome to the south! By the way – “Bless her heart” or “Bless his heart” can be used before or after virtually any negative comment about someone. It negates the comment in its entirety.

    Neat trick, eh?

  19. Shhh, you weren’t supposed to tell her that…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Well, bless your heart, JB.


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