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By Mir
July 2, 2007
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I don’t have to tell you that sun protection is not one of the places to cut corners, right? You should be wearing sunblock. Your kids should be wearing sunblock. Good sunblock, that hasn’t expired. Etc. Okay, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, you have my permission to save money on sun care products.

In fact, I happen to really like the Neutrogena stuff (good sun protection, goes on well, doesn’t stink or sting), but it’s normally a bit too pricey for my taste. But check this out: For the month of July, take an additional 20% off eligible Neutrogena suncare products at Amazon with coupon code NtgJul07.

Most of it is already 25% off, so that brings it down to prices you don’t have to fret about. And that frees you up to worry about more important things, like what exactly is that furry thing at the bottom of your purse?


  1. Before buying at Amazon, even with the discount,readers might want to check out I seem to get the best price on sunblock there.

  2. Oops I hit send too soon. I meant for those infrequent users of sunblock that may not need two bottles.

  3. Go check this database before you buy!!

    I just threw out two bottles of “pediatrician tested” suncreen “for babies” after it was listed as an 8 out of 10 (10 being the worst) for toxicity. HELLO!!!

  4. Right now at my local Rite-Aid Pharmacy, you can get a bottle free with rebate. 🙂

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