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By Mir
July 3, 2007

It’s time for toys! Through July 8th, Toys R Us is having their big Summer Toy Blowout with prices up to 75% off.

There are lots of deals to be had, although their shipping tends to be no bargain. (For the best deals, combine all purchases into a single order.) Everything you buy now is less shopping you need to do during the crazed retail holiday season, so consider having a look if toys are on your must-have list.

This Christmas I’m just going to tell the kids I bought them a new house. They will totally love that, I’m sure.


  1. I went crazy earlier this morning and stocked up for christmas at Toys-r-us, until I saw the shipping charges!!! The total of the basket was $177, the shipping was an additional $183!! It made all those good prices not so good anymore.

  2. I was wondering what you would do with your spare homes — think about it, you have a house for Monkey AND Chickadee!! Too bad you all can’t live in the same state, but that’s how the cookie crumbles.
    Where doyou find a tree big enough to put the houses under for Christmas? Or the bow for that matter?

  3. Ugh! Everything I want to buy is “temporarily unavailable online”! I guess I’m actually going to have to get off my lazy butt and go to an actual store!

  4. Ugh — Jen warned me. I was trying to be really restrained and only order what I would *absolutely* use for this coming Christmas…merchandise total: $48. shipping charges: $56!

  5. Like many of you, I spent a while going through the sale and picking things that were actually in stock. $35 worth of stuff shipped for another $36 (and none of it heavy or large items), is just ridiculous. I’ll be making a trip to the store.

  6. Juat a note, the store isn’t running this promo. Only online. The store is running additnl 50% off clothes on clearance.

  7. Update: I messed around with removing and adding items to my order until the shipping charges were $11 on about $36 worth of merchandise. For some reason, some items just incurred huge shipping charges. I got a few handheld games for $5.00 a piece (originally $30) , a robot and some other small items — still a good deal. Thanks, Mir! Wishing you a smooth transition…

  8. Yes, I also found that about 90% of the items I wanted were “temporarily out-of-stock online.” Not such a great sale after all.

  9. I just got a vidster for my 7 yo for $33 shipped! Normally $79 plus shipping. Woohoo! Thanks.

  10. Cool, I just got 2 handheld games for me and 1 for my daughter, plus a stuffed winnie the pooh and eeyore for the baby coming in December. All for 21.44 shipped. Not too bad! Thanks Mir!

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