Another week down

By Mir
July 6, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Oh Amazon Friday Sale, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

I love your wacky insistence on not offering free Super Saver Shipping on this deeply discounted gazebo, opting instead to add a shipping charge of one penny for it.

I love how you make it affordable for anyone to buy enough lighting to turn their lawn into a burlesque stage, if they wanted to.

I love how you taught me that there’s something called monkey king tea. Because, of course.

I love your many, many sharp knives for such low prices, because everyone feels better with a gigantic block of knives sitting on the counter. Well, I do, anyway.

I love your futuristic fan/ionizer combo, suitable both for home and the deck of the starship Enterprise.

I love how you take overpriced designer baby items like this diaper bag and make them affordable.

And I love how you can make me want a martini or eight even before breakfast.

Oh Friday Sale, don’t ever change.


  1. Oh, Mir, how do we love thee!

    I love your teasing rss feed that makes me click on ads, even though I *know* they’re ads, and even though I’ve been on the Internet for two decades, and I never click on ads. Except your ads. Because you’re awesome.

    I love how you make shopping into a game.

    I love how you find stuff from the corners of the same websites I frequent, stuff I missed and stuff I never would have wondered about, and turn that stuff into entertainment.

    I love how you entice me, someone who isn’t a ‘shopper’, someone who always thought of herself as an ‘anti-shopper’, someone who enjoyed a bit of eye-rolling when thinking of ‘the consumerist lifestyle’, into a devoted fan of this website.

    Oh, Mir, don’t ever change!

  2. What JF said. 😛

  3. Sheesh! That’s a great deal on that diaper bag. And cute too. I’d get it if I didn’t think my husband would divorce me for buying ANOTHER diaper bag. (I have about 15, including a Fleurville that I bought half-price, which was still $80. And now I’ve decided I hate it because it’s too big.)

  4. @Jenn:

    That’s what I’m talking about. I have five kids and zero diaper bags (other than the remnants of the hospital’s formula-company-vinyl-give-aways that came with the kids when they were born. Or is it vice-versa?)

    We have only one kid in diapers right now, but there was one (wet) stage when we had 3 in diapers.

    I use a laptop backpack. I have no desire or interest in diaper bags. Really.

    Yet, for some reason, this morning I was compelled to click on the link to check out the fashionista diaper bag.

    I read, I clicked, I admired. What’s up with that?

  5. Not sure how else to post this, but I got my e-mail from on the free Club O deal, and the links in the e-mail looks suspicious (as in a phishing e-mail). I e-mailed the “Sales” e-mail address and copied Patrick Byrne’s address as well, and within 3 hours had responses from Patrick, their legal council & a person whom I’m assuming is Patrick’s executive assistant. The links were from them and ‘packaged’ (my term) in such a way so they could track who responded to their e-mail. GREAT customer service and response!

    For the site admin, if you want me to forward you the e-mails I recieved from them so you can post here, just e-mail me and I’ll be happy to forward them to you.

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