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By Mir
July 6, 2007
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Now through Sunday, July 8th, you can enjoy all sorts of bargains in the Macy’s online clearance section. If that’s not good enough for you—or you enjoy the hunt in person (I don’t, because I’d rather chew off my own arm than go to the mall, but maybe that’s just me)—tomorrow through Sunday you can also take an extra 40% off most clearance in-store.

So, shop online from the comfort of your home, or venture out and perhaps get even better deals, but have to deal with the masses. Your call.

(Thanks for the reminder, Becky!)


  1. Oh, no. Don’t you dare tell me that I could have saved even more money if I’d put off my Macy’s trip for a few days. I was there on the 4th, waving my little 15% off clearance coupon patriotically*, and scored such bargains as a Calvin Klein swimsuit for the big guy for $13, and for the little guy, a $3 raincoat and a $7 Ralph Lauren dress shirt in which he is going to look So Handsome.

    Yet I harbor deeply mixed feelings about Macy’s, because they do not stock adult female clothing in sizes smaller than 4. I can buy shirts there, and that’s it. Very frustrating.

    *I think the “pursuit of happiness” clause in the Declaration of Independence means that it’s my right to bargain hunt.

  2. hmm, i used to buy my work clothes there. and they were definitely bigger than a size 4. that’s too bad that yours is that way.

    i wonder if they’ll have baby clothes on the cheap? i might have to check that out tomorrow. if i feel up to braving the crowds.

  3. ps) you’re welcome. i meant to add that at the end!

  4. Summer,
    If you are so inclined, you can go back and get an adjustment on the stuff you bought, if it is on sale cheaper now. Just take your receipt…you don’t have to drag all your items back in there.

  5. When I looked up my local Macy’s there was a printable coupon for an extra 15% off clearance. Would that be on top of the 40% off clearance? Hmmm…I’m going shopping now.

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