Bakeware deals at Amazon

By Mir
July 9, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Hop on this one quick, before they figure out the glitch and pull it.

Amazon has a bunch of bakeware on buy-3-get-1-free. They also have an offer where you can get a free silicone spoon with any Kaiser pan. The end result is that if you add 2 pans and 2 spoons to your cart, you pay for just one pan. Nice, huh?

Here are the qualifying items:
Eligible Kaiser Bakeware (okay, I just went through and only some of these are eligible for the 4-for-3 promo… read carefully to see if you’ve found something eligible)

Here’s a few direct links to things that qualify:
ExtraordinAire cookie sheet
silicone muffin cups
square cake pan
mini muffin pan

And here’s your free spoon:
free silicone spoon

Two pans, two spoons; pay for just one pan. Go!


  1. You rock, Mir!!! “This Kaiser Bakeware Classic Donut Pan” is included in the promotion – it says, “The classic donut pan allows you to make donuts in a healthy, low-fat way” – uh huh… sure… that’s what I’m gonna use it for. 😉

  2. Keen! Two sets of muffin cups and two spoons for $8!

  3. Excellent! Thank you, Mir! And I actually NEED this stuff!

  4. 🙂 Fantastic. I got to shop for the house and barely spent any money. Now if only I could get a new couch for $9…

  5. Thank you!!! I actually got something I needed!

  6. Awesome! I can’t remember the last time I got so much useful stuff for only $7.99 shipped. Thanks Mir! You’re really very very pretty!

  7. Outstanding!
    I got 2 quiche/tart pans and the two spoons for $9 w/free shipping – and then added a red springform pan on sale for $5.40 – it’s not eligible for the 4 for 3 so it didn’t bump the 2nd tart pan – and Amazon added another free spoon! – grand total $14.40 for 6 items -shipped!
    thanks –
    and yes, you are so pretty!

  8. Did I miss out? I’m not seeing any deal. It would have gone great with my Target stuff. 😉

  9. Colleen – I had to go all the way through check out (just short of the final “confirm” step) before I could see all the deals applied and the final total.

    – you should be able to see if the item(s) you want have the “eligible for the 4 for 3 deal” and “get a free spoon” promotions on the item overview page. Then just add them to the cart (use the “add both the item and free spoon” button) and then go to checkout when you’re ready to see how the deals stack up.

  10. Whoohoo! It let me do it! I got 2 9 inch cake pans and 2 spoons for a mere $9, including shipping. My sister is getting married in a few weeks, so I figure I’ll give one of the pans and spoons to her as a little housewarming gift!

    Now I just hope they don’t take the deal away from me. They did last time. *GRR* to Amazon!

  11. Drat, it looks like they ended the free spoon promotion when they ran out of stock on the spoons. I’d have taken advantage of this one!

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