Because it’s always a good time for Target

By Mir
July 9, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I have been spending a lot of time at Target lately. A lot. It would be good if I could remember everything I needed in one trip, but either I forget something or back at home a doorknob falls off in my hand or I notice that window needs a new curtain or whatever; back to Target we go, again.

(I don’t really mind. But I think the husband is going to notice, here, if I keep it up for much longer.)

Anyway, it’s even nicer to shop Target online from the comfort of my couch. Or your couch, in your case, because if you were shopping from my couch it would get pretty crowded in here, and really, it’s already jam-packed full of boxes. But if you want to do some shopping at Target online, doing it through this here link will give you $5 off your $50 order.

There’s lots on clearance right now, plus you can get free shipping on your $50+ order in Women, Baby, or Home. Could you pick up those sheers I keep forgetting to grab? Great, thanks.


  1. Woohoo, perfect timing! I need a bridal shower gift, and they are registered at Target. I checked it out and it pretty much all qualifies for the free shipping. And pocketing the $5, not to mention the money I’ll save not grabbing extra stuff in store is awesome! THANKS Pretty Mir!

  2. Daughter needs a vacuum cleaner for her college apartment, and has her eye on one from Target. I’ll see if I can do it this way and save some bucks! (paying for college=broke)

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