Free screening in select cities

By Mir
July 10, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Want to go see the new Arctic Tale movie from Paramount, for free? Check out the website and register to attend a free screening if there’s one in your area.

Those of us living in Podunkville probably don’t have one happening locally, but you never know. Check it out.


  1. Apparently the WHOLE STATE of South Carolina is podunkville. I’m officially offended.

  2. Delaware too…or shall I say Dela-where??! 🙂

    Oh well.

  3. For some reason when I click on the link to see if its playing in my area it says page cannot be displayed. Anyone else having this problem?

  4. MN…Strike three
    Heck, sometimes I think I live in the Arctic. We barely made it to 70 degrees today. I LOVED IT!

  5. MT… Strike four.

  6. The Arctic Tale has TWO screening locations here in Hawaii.. kind of ironic!

  7. My friends and family warned my about moving to SC… I just don’t think this was the reason 🙂 No screening for us 🙁

  8. Hmm, five free screenings in my city….guess it’s a good thing I moved away from SC, eh? (But hey, I miss the lack of traffic, relatively speaking, so it’s a trade-off.)

  9. Mine is full 🙁 maybe next time

  10. 4 screenings in New Orleans, none in Baton Rouge. Don’t they know Baton Rouge now has all the people and New Orleans just has mold? Sigh…

  11. None closer than a three-hour drive for us here in central PA. Oh, well.

  12. Well, add North Carolina to the list of places considered to be “podunkville”. And I thought I was moving to a place with more stuff to do when I moved from Louisiana to Raleigh, NC! 🙂

  13. Mir, I was wondering whether your recent move took you to a more populous/”cultured” town. I sure hope you have more selections in your new area!

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