More Christmas in July deals

By Mir
July 12, 2007

This time it’s over at Little Tikes.

Did I mention that the new house has no basement, and limited closets? Where am I supposed to put my toy stash, now? Hmph.


  1. Oh you have me so spoiled. I wish I could get an additional discount or free shipping! 😉 Having a hard time passing up that shopping cart though!

  2. De-lurking myself to add some codes I found…I didnt check them, but its worth a shot.

    BKLT0530 – $5 off $30+ orders.

    BKLT1010 – $10 off $100+ orders.

  3. $5 off works


  4. Oh… rain you are highly trained. The coupon does work! I totally didn’t find that in my search.

  5. rain – it worked! thanks

  6. No basement STINKS!!! We live in three level towhouse. Our “basement” is walkout and it’s a study, rec room and ONE room – 9×9 for ALL storage – including a deep freezer, spare dining chairs, the big tool chest/cart and bicycles… yep, no garage either. Closets are small and puny – no pantry either.

    We have had to do SOOOOOOOO much purging from coming to a house and I thought I purged a lot BEFORE moving, but not enough… so I feel for ya!

    Now, to look at this sale!

  7. Bwah! – for my little order: $8.95 standard shipping, $127.95 priority shipping or $215.00 express shipping. I just about fell off my chair! What’s up with that? Almost makes me want to look for shoes on Endless…

  8. Well I think I’m going for the $8.95 shipping, with the code I’ll just act like its 3.95. I’m going for that shopping cart, I just searched amazon, target and walmart and the cart is from $24-27. So $14.99 is a great deal! I’ll have 3 more gifts for under the tree. (Sorry needed to justify it before i hit submit (thanks guys and gals!)). I need to take inventory of the gift closet. I may be done shopping, lol! THANKS MIR!

  9. Now you’ll have to shop for a lockable wardrobe.

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