It’s a very! happy! Friday!

By Mir
July 13, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Do you know why? Do you do you?

It’s partly because this has been a very long week around here, and next week the kids are going to Vacation Bible School. Yay! Five blissful mornings of peace for me! Erm, I mean, invaluable moral teachings for my children. Of course. Ahem.

And also I guess it’s partly because of the Amazon Friday Sale. Because, really, you can’t be unhappy during that.

I absolutely love this silverware, and not just because I saw the name and wondered when the World Wrestling Federation started making tableware. Whoops. Gotta go clean my glasses.

I’m guessing that this backboard would be overkill for a friendly neighborhood game of HORSE, but I’m always tickled by super-expensive items on Amazon. Do people really browse around there and then decide on a whim that sure, why not, I’ll just drop a thousand bucks on something for the driveway?

It’s been a while since they had a Dyson in the Friday Sale. Snap this one up if you’ve been looking! Bright shiny yellow!

I can’t decide if this is a scale or just modern art.

Give these barbecue tools to someone you love. “You, man! You cook with fire!”

(And then while he does that, you can hang out in your gazebo. I am brilliant!)


  1. LOL… My hubby says, in his best caveman voice, “Man cook outside with fire; woman cook inside with MAGIC.”

  2. They have some chocolate mint Lara Bars in the sale today, which you could combine with the nutrition bar instant rebate. I got a box of those and some cherry ones for $29.34 after the rebate. That’s less than $1 per bar.

  3. Could the silverware be from the World Wildlife Federation? I guess not. They didn’t have the cute little panda logo on the forks.

  4. A week of free mornings! Whooo! DO NOT feel guilty about shipping your kids off to VBS! I still have fond memories of it, and it was years (er, decades) before I figured out that VBS wasn’t Catholic…and we were. No wonder I learned songs there I’d never heard before!

  5. WMF is our German equiv. of, say, Farberware or Cuisinart. Most of our kitchen is decked out with WMF stuff. Generally speaking it’s good quality. However, we’ve had trouble with their “stainless” steel knives developing little rust spots.

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