Psssst! Wanna buy a Q?

By Mir
July 13, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Do you remember that skit from Sesame Street? There was always some sinister-looking muppet in a trench coat who looked like a drug dealer, and he was trying to sell people illicit letters. Dastardly!

That’s what I feel like whenever I post the Overstock weekend promotion. I’m predictable and not quite as cutting edge as I pretend to be, but nevertheless, it may be information you want.

So if you’re shopping Overstock this weekend, take $15 off of $150+ through this here link (good through July 16th, 2007 at noon).

(It’s not quite as good as a black market Q, I suppose, but it’ll have to do.)


  1. What is bad about Q? I don’t remember this episode!! Heehee

  2. Beware — there’s probably a partner to this guy just waiting to sell you the U that he knows you need.

  3. Perhaps a more appropriate song for this post is the one about the letter “O”.

    “Would you like to buy and O, round, and neat? A nearly perfect circle, tidy and complete. It’ll cost you just a nickel…”
    “A nickel!”
    *whispers* “A nickel?”
    “Riiiight! So buy da O and…take it home tonight! Don’t ask any questions! Just buy da O and…take it home tonight! You’ll really love it! Just buy the O and…take it home, tonight!”

    Great, now I’m going to have that song in my head for days. You’re pretty, Mir, but that was just mean!

  4. Hmmm, is that a new picture at the top of the blog? Of the deck that needs new furniture, perhaps?

  5. Speaking of Overstock… Has anyone heard back about the Club O offer? I just placed an order and don’t see this on my account.

    Thanks Mir 🙂

  6. Seriously. I don’t really think i would buy anything from Overstock unless they follow through with the offer advertised here.

  7. Danielle,
    Did you check your Overstock account? If I logon, I can see it. Also, the e-mails that I get tell me to renew my club O membership before it expires and save $5. I never received an e-mail from them but the Club O has been added to my account.

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